Defining our 'Local Area'

First and foremost, we want to thank everyone for their Artist and Venue Suggestions! There's a whole world of live, local music in our region and we're glad to be a part of shining the spotlight on it. We've received a number of those submissions as well as a lot of great feedback.

We'll be posting most all Artist Suggestions as long as they appear to be a regional band/musician, regardless of upcoming shows.

As for Venue Suggestions, we've had a number that aren't particularly close to the Bloomsburg area. That's required us to address, 'What does BloomsburgTonight define as their 'local area'?"

To answer that, we asked a number of local music goers, "How far are people from the Bloomsburg area willing to drive to and from in an evening?"

The most common answer was "about half an hour, give or take". So to stay as objective as possible, we're going to use Google Maps as our judge:

Venues within 35 minutes of Bloomsburg (according to Google Maps) will count as in our 'local area'.

We've updated the Venue Suggestion form with a link for people to do a quick search and a few more venue details.

Defining our 'Local Area' | BloomsburgTonight


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