Events are here!

As we've been learning more and more about live shows in the area, we're finding that sometimes shows are part of a bigger overall event like Destination Blues or Taste of the Town. So we've added the ability to group shows together as part of an event! You can now see upcoming events on our Events page. Since we know event schedules and details can change, we'll be linking straight to those event website for now.

We've also had a couple great questions this week:

  • How do I know if I have to buy a ticket or pay to get into a show?

So far 99% of the shows we've tracked have been free admission shows at local bars and restaurants, but with the inclusion of live music at area events, ticket prices have started to become a factor. We're working on a visual aid to show if there's a ticket price involved so be on the lookout for that!

  • What kind of music does an artist play?

The truth is we won't always know this for sure, but we're going to start gathering music genre for our artists moving forward!

Keep your suggestions and feedback coming!

Events are here! | BloomsburgTonight


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