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We're back!

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After an extended hiatus, we're finally back up and running on a completely new platform!

We're still moving over some old content and setting up new workflows for events to be added to the site, but over the next few weeks, you should see updated content and more showing up here. Our weekly email is also still on the "to-do" list, but that should be firing off soon as well!

We're excited to be back and can't wait to help spread the word on live, local music in our area!

Live Music in 2022

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Coming out of the haze of the past two years, some of the local venue-scape has changed. Some places have closed, some new places have opened, and some have adapted to change. We're still committed to doing out best to bring a comprehensive list of the Greater Bloomsburg Area's music scene to you! If you know of any shows we're missing, any artists who routinely play local that we should be following, or just have any suggestions/comments in general, let us know!

Welcome back to LIVE MUSIC!

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Live music is finally starting to come alive again in our area! Shows and events are being added!

We've just listed the 2021 Lightstreet and Beach Haven Carnivals. If you know of live music coming up in our area and we don't have it listed, please let us know!

New Year, New Shows!

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Wow, what a year it's been! It feels like it was just yesterday that we were adding December 2018 shows and now we're filling out the calendar for 2020! Thanks to everyone for all your support and supporting local music!

We're rolling into 2020 with a bunch of January shows already on the calendar and look forward to a year full of live, local music!


Bloomsburg Fair Shows

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We've decided to add all the Grandstand and Bandshell shows at the Bloomsburg Fair this year. While it's not our typical coverage, we had enough inquiries about music at the Fair that it just seemed to make sense.

We also have some swag in the works so look out for that in the near future!

Responsive Web Design FTW!

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We've been so focused on providing an all-in-one calendar view that shows who is playing in our area that we didn't pay enough attention to those little computers we all have in our pockets...

After a few suggestions on how to better present the site on mobile devices, we've given the site an aesthetic makeover for our mobile users!

If you're on a desktop/laptop/tablet, things should look pretty much the same, but our smartphone view should be much better! Let us know what you think.

Taming of the Brew 2019

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It looks like there are still some tickets left for this year's Taming of the Brew, a BTE Fundraising Event! As if this all the food and beer being included with the ticket price weren't enough, this year's entertainment will be none other than WonderChunk!

If you haven't yet, you can get your tickets here!

To pay or not to pay?

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Thanks to feedback from some of our visitors, we've started tagging shows that may have a cover or ticket price with a $ note next to the time. We're also working on expanding our info for listed venues and artists so stay tuned for that!

'Destination Blue' is upon us

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Dozens of shows are coming to our area this weekend thanks to Destination Blues! While we regularly see many shows every Friday and Saturday in our area, this weekend is especially packed with local AND national artists!

We're also testing out our Events section to help our visitors see who is playing where during multi-show events like this. Any and all feedback is always welcome!

New Weekly Email Update

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After several requests, we're working on a new feature on BloomsburgTonight: Weekly Email Updates

Every Monday afternoon, we'll be sending out an email listing all the shows coming up that week. All you have to do is signup for the weekly email on the left in our new Weekly Updates section. We'll be testing out a few different options with the email so expect to see some changes over the first few weeks. If you have any issues or question, feel free to contact us!