Events are here!

As we've been learning more and more about live shows in the area, we're finding that sometimes shows are part of a bigger overall event like Destination Blues or Taste of the Town. So we've added the ability to group shows together as part of an event! You can now see upcoming events on our Events page. Since we know event schedules and details can change, we'll be linking straight to those event website for now.

Defining our 'Local Area'

First and foremost, we want to thank everyone for their Artist and Venue Suggestions! There's a whole world of live, local music in our region and we're glad to be a part of shining the spotlight on it. We've received a number of those submissions as well as a lot of great feedback.

We'll be posting most all Artist Suggestions as long as they appear to be a regional band/musician, regardless of upcoming shows.

2019 Destination Blues Festival

Coming up in the beginning of March is the 6th Annual Destination Blues Music Festival spanning Bloomsburg, Berwick, and Danville. Shows will start on Friday, March 1st at local venues and continue on through Saturday, March 2nd.

We've collected most of the details on the current line-up, but we believe there is still more to come so stay tuned!

For more information, visit them at

Our venue list is growing!

Thanks to suggestions from several local music-goers, we've expanded our venue list. If you have a suggestion for a local venue, let us know!

We've also started working with local venues to setup a consistent, yet simple way to get show information to us so we can keep things up to date.

To better promote local artists, we'll also be adding more features for artists to get more information about who they are and what they do in the near future.


While our site is still buildling its catalog of local venues and artists, you can still contact us with suggestions!


Does your favorite bar or restaurant have live music?

Welcome to BloomsburgTonight

The goal of BloomsburgTonight is simple:

Promote local artists by providing a comprehensive schedule of the area's local music scene

We're starting out by collecting local venue and artist information so we can create your all-in-one stop for local music in our local area: Bloomsburg. Berwick. Danville. Any surrounding communities.